Purpose-built data infrastructure

The single source

of truth for African
environmental data.

Enabling Africa to transform the world, by empowering our ecosystem through data and fostering opportunities for 1B lives.

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Amini is solving for Africa’s environmental data scarcity.

We have developed a holistic solution, utilizing AI and space technologies at scale to drive systemic change and promote economic inclusivity for farmers and supply chain resilience across Africa and beyond.

Nairobi, Kenya
-1.286389 / 36.817223

Driving innovation in pursuit of resilience.

By fixing Africa’s data gap, we want to make it a more prosperous, equitable and safe place to live. Amini is a dedicated team united by a common goal: to build at the convergence of people & planet.
we are Amini
we are Amini
we are Amini
People First

We are building for real people, with real needs to make their lives better. For our neighbors, our families and our communities.

Planet Conscious

We believe human advancement does not have to come at the cost of our home. The earth nourishes and sustains us, we work everyday to ensure this continues to be true for generations to come.

Technology Leapfrogging

We intend to be a driver for the massive shift that will see Africa emerge as an undisputed force in the global economy.

Mission Driven

Our impact on the world will not be in how many features we launched but how many lives were transformed.

Open & Transparent

An open and honest value chain in which everyone is fairly compensated, the earth is protected and we hold each other accountable.


Supported by industry experts

“The scarcity of high quality environmental data of Africa is a concern as it prevents others from building important climate solutions such as for example improving farmer insurance, monitoring climate risk or supply chains.

When meeting the team behind Amini we were blown away by their ambition and expertise and we truly believe they are best positioned to fill the environmental data gap of Africa”

Heidi Lindvall

General partner, Pale Blue Dot
"Land use change is one the largest drivers of biodiversity loss, but we can't manage what we can't measure.

We're extremely excited to support the team at Amini with their mission to reveal high-fidelity and localized environmental data that will allow major corporate and government decision-makers to adopt targeted sustainability practices, and track their progress."

Tom Quiggley & Kevin Webb

Managing Directors, Superorganism
“Risk capital is a vital component of the climate transition and insurance stakeholders needs to innovate faster to address the world’s rapidly changing needs.

Our collaboration with the African Development Bank and Amini is a perfect example of a more holistic approach to risk.”

Eric Andersen

President, Aon
“The Africa Climate Risk Insurance Facility for Adaptation is a model of how strategic collaborations can significantly advance our efforts in climate risk management and agricultural sustainability.

Aon's global experience in risk management, combined with Amini's technological innovation, forms a strong alliance that supports the Bank's vision for a resilient agricultural sector capable of withstanding and thriving amidst the challenges posed by climate change.”

Beth Dunford

Vice President, African development Bank