Seraphim Space Mission 11 Accelerator Takes Off

Seraphim Space, or Generation Space in the USA, has named the startups participating in its 11th accelerator cohort, Mission 11.

The accelerator’s latest project is its most diverse and ambitious to date, with the inclusion of the first-ever African space economy startup. A new offering in Singapore cements its presence in the APAC region. The expansion of the space economy is also reflected in the fact that the first quarter of 2023 was the first time that European investment in space surpassed the US.

The three-month accelerator programme supports SpaceTech companies from inception to their initial public offering (IPO). It has already helped 81 startups raise over $280m from 80 major investors since its launch in 2018. Mission 11 features nine startups looking to build relationships, solidify reputations and, of course, secure funding in order to commercialise their technology and bring it into the mainstream.

Who’s Taking Centre Stage In Seraphim Space Mission 11?

Interesting areas of exploration from this year’s startups include optical communication systems, financial hedging tools, multi-sensor imaging satellites, and IoT-integrated nano-satellites.

Mission 11 members to keep an eye on in the current accelerator include:

  • EarthEye (Singapore) – provides a marketplace platform to discover and use geospatial data and insights for enterprises, governments, SMEs, NGOs and research organisations
  • Amini (USA) – championing the development of African data infrastructure with its own constellation of IOT-integrated nano-satellites, enabling near real-time and low-cost data collection over Africa
  • Kurs Orbital (Italy) – developing docking technology to enable reusability, maintenance and life extension services for satellite operators
  • Virtus Solis (USA) – develops commercial space-based solar power systems to provide clean, firm, dispatchable, low-cost energy globally

Mission 11 Another Win For The SpaceTech Industry

Despite a tough economic climate, SpaceTech startups have continued to flourish. Former participants in the Seraphim Space accelerator, including Constellr and Array Labs, raised significant funding. The accelerator also continues its relationship with some of the most established space exploration institutions in the world, including the ESA, whose ScaleUp programme helps uncover the most exciting early-stage companies in Europe. Other key partnerships include the UK’s National Security Strategic Investment Fund (NSSIF), UKSA and Airbus, to name a few.

With all of these titans of industry pulling in the same direction, it’s no wonder that Seraphim Mission 11 is the most hotly anticipated accelerator of 2023.
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